For every bed purchased, we will donate a bed to a child in need.

The Give a Dream Program

Help us fight child bedlessness.

Far too many children throughout the US go to sleep at night without their own bed. The effects of this ripple throughout the rest of their lives. From the inception of the company, we’ve been determined to help end this public health crisis. We are pleased to announce the launch of our Give a Dream program – an initiative to help fight child bedlessness.  For every bed purchased through our site, we will donate a bed to a child in need.

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Over 17,000 kids in Charlotte alone go to sleep on the floor or without a bed they call their own.

Children without proper bedding lose an average of 9.5 hours each month compared to children with their own beds.

The Give A Dream program will bring quality sleep to children in need one bed at a time.

Since 2011 Beds for Kids has delivered over 5,000 beds and 48,000 essential furniture pieces to children and their families in need.

The Give a Dream program is being made possible through out partnership with local charity, Beds For Kids – a Charlotte based organization which has already provided thousands of beds to families in need. In 2010, a group of individuals led by Tim Rowley, delivered a few furniture pieces to a family who had recently moved out of a shelter in Charlotte, and into a home. Realizing that this family was one of thousands who were moving into housing and were in need of beds and other essential furniture, the idea of Beds for Kids was born.

“Every child deserves their own bed. I hope our Give a Dream program will spur an end to the bedlessness epidemic, and give every kid an equal chance to get a good night sleep.”

Dromma Bed CEO, Derek Ridge

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