Return Policy

Dromma Mattress 200 Night Guarantee

Drömma provides a 200 Night Trial Guarantee with the original purchase of a Drömma Mattress. Claims meeting the criteria set forth below are eligible for a refund of 100% of the total cost paid or an exchange for a Drömma mattress of the other firmness selected.

  •      The 200 Night Trial Guarantee extends only to the original purchaser of a product who remains in possession of said product at the time of a claim under the warranty.
  •      The 200 Night Trial period begins upon the date of delivery of the mattress.
  •      The 200 Night Trial Guarantee applies only to Dromma mattresses. The guarantee does NOT apply to other products including but not limited to: Drömma mattress covers, mattress protectors, and other accessories purchased separately from and not included with the purchase of a mattress. Returns of such products are accepted only if another warranty permitting return applies.

Terms of Mattress Guarantee:

Step 1: Try For 30 Nights

Memory foam mattresses require an adjustment period for your body to get used to the qualities of the new mattress. Sleeping on your mattress for 30 days allows your body adequate time to adjust to the feel of a new mattress

Step 2: Notification

Customers must notify Drömma of their desire to return or exchange the mattress after trying the mattress for at least 30 days but before 200 days from the date of delivery of the mattress (“trial period”).

  •      To notify Drömma of your desire to initiate a return/exchange, the customer must call Drömma customer service at 877-209-0034 or email [email protected] with the appropriate subject line “Return” or “Exchange” within the trial period.

Step 3: Pick Up

Drömma will arrange for pick-up of the mattress (and any other products provided to the customer and included in the cost of the mattress) to be returned at no charge to the customer.

  •      Note: Any return of a mattress must include any additional products provided to the customer as part of the purchase of the mattress (i.e., covers not purchased separately from the mattress)

Step 4: Refund Issuance OR Exchange

For customers seeking a refund

Drömma will refund 100% of the total cost paid for the items returned by crediting the credit/debit card used as the method of payment for the original order after Drömma has confirmed the return of all products or a money wire if the return occurs outside of the first 120 days of purchase.  Returns can take up to 2-3 weeks to process depending upon how quickly the mattress can be picked up.

For customers seeking an exchange

In the rare event that you may have ordered the incorrect firmness style for your needs, Drömma will cover the costs of one (1) mattress as part of the 200 Night Trial Guarantee for another mattress of the same size but alternative firmness selection. Customers seeking an exchange will be responsible for a $100 shipping and handling fee.

Damage or Defect Upon Delivery Warranty

All Drömma products include a Damage and Defect Upon Delivery Warranty. The Damage and Defect Upon Delivery Warranty extends only to the original purchaser of a product who remains in possession of said product at the time of a claim under the warranty. The conditions of the warranty are as follows: (i) if a Drömma product(s) arrives in a damaged or unusable condition, Drömma will replace or repair the product(s) in a timely manner, at no extra charge to the customer; (ii) a customer must notify Drömma customer service by telephone at 877-209-0034 within 36 hours of receipt of the item(s)’s delivery for this warranty to be valid; and (iii) Drömma shall have sole and complete discretion to elect between repair and replacement of a product pursuant to this warranty.

Dromma Pillow Return Policy

All pillows purchased at retail price from Dromma may be returned for a refund or exchange within 15 days in original condition.  Pillows included in a promotional offer in conjunction with the sale of a mattress are sold as-is and returns/exchanges will not be accepted.

For pillow returns, the cost of return shipping will be incurred by the customer unless the pillows were damaged upon receipt and proof of damage is presented to customer service.

To Contact Customer Service, please call 877-209-0034 or email [email protected] with the subject line “Return.”

Policy Updated: June 1st, 2017