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Drömma vs. Novosbed

Memory foam mattresses may all seem the same—until you examine the differences in design and comfort. The luxury features and comfort quality of the Drömma Bed are in a different class from other popular memory foam mattresses. The Drömma Bed mattress is not a typical memory foam mattress. It’s a high-end, luxurious sleep system that far exceeds other mattresses in nearly all possible categories of comparison.

To clarify the differences between the Drömma Bed and other popular memory foam mattresses, we have provided the information below to highlight comparable features and benefits of both the Drömma Bed and the Novosbed mattresses.

Drömma Design Strategy—Improve On Mattresses Like Dromabed

The Drömma Bed Drömma’s founders’ set out to create the most luxurious memory foam mattress ever made. They insisted that it be eco-friendly, well-priced and made in the US. We used a great abundance of consumer research to understand mattress users’ experiences with memory foam mattresses already available on the market.

We wanted to make sure that our mattress resolved the problems users found in sleeping on other mattresses. And, we used customers’ positive comments to incorporate the best features of existing memory foam mattresses as well. And, the result is the incomparable Drömma Bed—now the industry standard-bearer.

NovosbedThe Novosbed offers a solid value, and it does offer some nice features for its customers. However, the Novosbed mattress simply does not measure up to the state-of-the-art Drömma Bed. Drömma Bed has used its research on Novosbed and other popular mattress makers to identify the very mistakes that are remedied in the Drömma Bed design. And, the Drömma mattress has integrated the best of Novosbed’s positive features as well. In other words, in the Drömma Bed, users get the benefits of all of the positives of the Novosbed, without the accompanying negatives.

Elevated Design and Technology in Drömma

Higher design standards and technology have come to the memory foam industry in Drömma. Innovations in structure and materials have produced a sleep system of the most luxurious comfort, quality workmanship, and durability.

And, Drömma further sets our memory foam bed apart from Novosbed and the rest, by the extent of our eco-friendly materials and policy that all mattress components and materials are 100% made in the US.

Accomplishing all of this, while maintaining competitive pricing, makes the Drömma Bed quite a feat of cutting-edge memory foam mattress design innovation.

Drömma Bed Highlights

The Drömma Bed sleep system integrated the innovative features described below, for the most luxurious comfort possible, the highest-quality of craftsmanship, and the greatest durability:

  • Triple-Layer Construction Total 12″ mattress height, including an ultra-support foundation layer, cooling gel mid-layer, and an antimicrobial and hypoallergenic top layer. Drömma has helped elevate our industry’s quality standard by offering 12″ mattress height. This 12″ inches of layering affords maximum plushness for comfort and structure for support. Test participants have overwhelmingly recognized Drömma’s superior comfort.
  • Responsive Adapt Foam Top Layer Top 1.5″ Drömma’s Adapt Foam layer provides exceptional support, buoyancy, and rapid recovery (bounce). This breathable latex top layer has been designed with breathing holes, to promote superior air circulation in the mattress. This feature gives users a cleaner and cooler sleep experience.
  • Cooling Comfort Layer — Drömma’s 2.5” layer of cooling gel memory foam (Preserve VG Visco Elastic Gel) provides cooler sleep and enhances comfort and support for the neck, back, and hip areas. This eco-friendly layer separates the Drömma Bed from memory foam mattresses that “sleep hot”, meaning that they retain heat and cause the temperature around the body to rise to uncomfortable degrees.
  • Choices of Firmness LevelSome memory foam mattress manufacturers actually take pride in advertising that they offer only one choice of firmness. Yet, a common customer complaint is that mattresses they try/buy are too firm or too soft.

Drömma users have two firmness options, to help ensure an optimum sleep experience. The two provide equal support, comfort, and motion transfer prevention. This choice of firmness is one of the reasons consumers rate the Drömma Bed so highly compared to other memory foam mattresses in blind tests.

  • No Box Springs Needed — Bedding experts have tended to agree that box springs are not really necessary for memory foam mattress use. Traditional mattresses are less stable without box springs. A high-quality memory foam mattress can be used on any flat, firm surface. (See additional information on this point in our blog post.)
  • High Weight Capacity — Drömma Bed supports 400 – 500 lbs. without losing shape. Heavier weight can eventually cause some indentations.
  • Environment-FriendlyMany competitors’ mattresses are produced with entirely petroleum-based polyurethane cores. The Drömma Bed contains an 8″ Visco memory foam core, and a 2.5″ cooling gel layer of soy-based foam polymer. (These two bio-based forms are 100% Certi-PUR US certified.) These reduce petroleum dependency, and are healthier for the environment.
  • Hand Sewn Cover The Drömma Bed cover is all hand-sewn in the US, and it is made of high-end American-made materials. The covers are incomparably soft and durable, and they’re completely removable and machine washable.
  • Minimum of Off-GassingMost memory foam mattress release very strong chemical odors when removed from the box. This odor can last for several days. It does go away, and it’s not usually harmful. However, it’s definitely unpleasant, and possibly may be physically irritating to some occupants of your home. The soy-based foams in the Drömma mattress emit nearly zero detectible off-gassing.
  • Free Delivery — Shipping is always free from Drömma. Your Drömma Bed will be delivered to your door in 5-7 business days from the time you order.
  • Free Trial Period — The abundant 200-Day Trial Period for Drömma customers provides a risk-free opportunity to enjoy the Drömma sleep experience.
  • Strong Warranty Our 12-Year Drömma Bed Product Warranty is among our industry’s most sound warranties.

Comparison of Drömma and Novosbed

The Drömma Bed Novosbed
12″ Mattress Height 11″ Mattress Height
Top Layer of Adaptive Foam (for responsive recovery)
Pressure Relief Features
Cooling Gel Layer Thousands of Vertical Air Channels For Cooler Sleep
Two Mattress Choices For Preferred Firmness (Must Request a “Comfort+ Kit” After 30 Days To Adjust Firmness Of The Mattress. Company States That It Usually Takes Two Minutes Or Less To Adjust Firmness. Company States That Three Levels Of Firmness Are Possible By Adjustments.)
Movement Doesn’t Disturb Sleep Partner Movement Doesn’t Disturb Sleep Partner—Motion Isolation Features
Mattress Cover has Zipper (Fully Removable and Machine Washable) Removable and Washable Top Cover
Minimal Amount of Off-Gassing
12-Year Warranty 15-Year Warranty
200-Night Free Trial, Risk-Free 150-Night Free Trial (Must Return After 60 Days For Full Refund.)
Free Shipping Free Shipping in continental US and Canada
100% Eco-Friendly Materials Zero-Waste Manufacturing
100% Made in US 100% American-Made
Pricing: Queen from $999, King from $1,099 Pricing: Queen from $1,099, King from $1,299
Discount Coupons n Website Automatic ally Discounted Price on Website

NOTE: Empty blanks are left in the above data table to indicate either that the feature is not offered in the Novosbed mattress or its related services, or that whether or not the feature is included is too unclear, because that information is not provided on the Novosbed website.


Novosbed provides all quality features and functions that are to be expected in a memory foam mattress of its class. Some standard as well as more notable special features offered in the Novosbed mattress include the following:

  • Ultra-soft top cover, made of same textile grade as on high-end furniture, for durability, flexibility and added support
  • Premium foams
  • High-performance textiles
  • CertiPUR-US Certified materials
  • Zero-Waste Manufacturing—Everything unused in mattress manufacturing is repurposed or recycled into other products. And, TENCEL® textiles—company is transitioning to process in which solvents are almost 100% recycled.


Our research does show that the Novosbed provides some good benefits for its users. And, its pricing is appropriately aligned with its features and general quality of comfort and workmanship. However, the 11″ mattress height yields too many fewer cubic inches of support and comfort-layering to quite reach the threshold of a high-end luxury memory foam mattress.

In additional contrast to the Drömma Bed, the Novosbed does not include multiple very significant design features for enhancement of comfort or the extent of structural quality found in Drömma, which together notably further enhance the overall sleep experience for users.

For More Information

For additional information about the Drömma Bed structural features and benefits for users, or to order your Drömma Bed visit our mattress page.