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Drömma vs. Amerisleep

We want to help ensure that you know you’ve made the best possible choice when you order the Drömma Bed mattress. So, below we have provided comparison data on the Drömma Bed and the Amerisleep mattresses in side-by-side comparison chart. We hope this information will help make researching to comparative features and benefits of the two brands easier for you.

The Drömma Bed vs. Amerisleep’s Memory Foam Mattress

The Drömma Bed Drömma’s company founders’ vision was to create a more comfortable, more durable, more luxurious mattress. The mattress also needed to be eco-friendly, entirely American-made, and offered at a competitive price. The idea was to succeed by developing a mattress based on extensive consumer research. We were committed to creating a mattress by heeding users’ reports of their positive and negative experiences with other memory foam mattresses on the market. And, that’s what we’ve done.

AmerisleepThe Amerisleep company does have its own memory foam mattress success story. We admit that they do make a good bed. But, their technology is simply not up to the Drömma Bed general standard. Drömma Bed’s founders started the company after learning from the very mistakes being made by existing memory foam mattress makers, including Amerisleep.

The Sleep Quality Revolution

Technology Drömma’s design and engineering teams have brought the world’s most innovative combination of design, break-through technology, and materials to place the Drömma Bed in a class of its own. We achieved this by analyzing the best and worst features of existing memory foam beds on the market.

DesignDrömma Bed is among the most technologically advanced of the currently available high-quality memory foam beds. Drömma’s unique design integrates three unique luxury tiers of thick premium foam layering, with special features built in for maximal comfort, structural quality, and durability. This special construction provides combines qualities of ideal comfort, cooling, and perfect consistency of firmness and support.

The Drömma Bed Features and Benefits

Only the innovative design of the Drömma Bed combines all of the following innovative quality and comfort features:

  • Triple-Layer Construction Total 12″ mattress height, including an ultra-support foundation layer, cooling gel mid-layer, and an antimicrobial and hypoallergenic top layer. Drömma has helped elevate our industry’s quality standard by offering 12″ mattress height.

This is 2 inches above the typical 10″ mattress height. Although 2″ in mattress height perhaps doesn’t seem significant—it amounts to 9,600 cubic inches of extra padding and support in a queen-sized mattress (12″x 80″ x 60″).

  • Responsive Adapt Foam Top Layer Top 1.5″ Adapt Foam layer. This latex alternative, provides superior support, responsiveness (buoyancy), and rapid recovery (bounce-back). This breathable latex top layer has been engineered with breathing holes, to increase air circulation through the mattress. This important design feature affords a cooler, cleaner sleep experience.
  • Cooling Comfort Layer — A 2.5” layer of (eco-conscious) cooling gel memory foam (Preserve VG Visco Elastic Gel) contributes much to a cooler sleep experience and adds support for enhanced comfort for the neck, back, and hip. This layer is the reason why the Drömma bed does not “sleep hot”. (Many memory foam mattresses retain heat, resulting in rising temperature around the body during sleep.)
  • Choices of Firmness LevelA common complaint we discovered that customers had about their mattresses was that they were too firm or too soft. In a strange disconnect with their customers, some companies actually promote the fact that they offer just one choice of firmness for all customers as if it is somehow a benefit not to provide a choice of firmness.

Drömma offers two choices of mattresses, so that you can select your preference of a firmer or softer mattress. Both of these high-grade memory foam mattresses provide the same degree of support, comfort, and prevention of motion transfer.

This design choice helps ensure optimum sleep quality for each Drömma Bed user. And, it’s one of numerous reasons why consumers have rated the Drömma Bed so much higher for comfort than other memory foam mattress brands in blind tests.

  • No Box Springs or Foundation Needed — Furniture and bedding experts tend to agree that box springs are not essential for owners of high-grade memory foam mattress. Unlike less comfortable and stable traditional mattresses, better-made memory foam can rest on any flat, solid surface. (See more information in our detailed blog post about this topic.)
  • Large Weight Capacity — Drömma Bed is designed to support between 400 – 500 lbs. without losing its shape. Heavier weight may cause some indentations over time.
  • Nominal Off-GassingOpening your memory foam bed and being overwhelmed with an extreme chemical odor that can fill up your interior space for days is not the experience you probably anticipated when you ordered your mattress delivery. This kind of off-gassing is temporary and not usually harmful. But, it can certainly be distracting, unpleasant, and can even cause minor physical irritation for some people.

Drömma’s soy-based foams produce virtually no noticeable off-gassing. This additional benefit of the natural materials allows you to start enjoying your new mattress immediately, and prevents having to inhale unwanted fumes.

  • Hand Sewn Cover The Drömma Bed’s cover is 100% hand-sewn here in the US, and is made from the highest quality of American-made materials. This method produces covers that are amazingly soft and incomparably durable. The cover is entirely removable and machine washable.
  • Free Shipping — Shipping is always free. Your Drömma Bed mattress is delivered to your home within 5-7 business days.
  • Environmentally ConsciousMany popular memory foam mattresses are produced completely from petroleum-based polyurethane cores. But, Drömma has teamed up with industry experts and worked out ways to replace typical wasteful and unhealthy materials with more sustainable alternatives.

The Drömma Bed’s 8″ Visco memory foam core, as well as its 2.5″ cooling gel layer are produced using a technologically advanced soy-based foam polymer. (The bio-based forms are 100% Certi-PUR US certified.) This sustainable substance utilizes less toxic chemicals, reduces petroleum dependency, and is better for the environment.

  • Excellent Warranty — Additionally, our 12-Year Product Warranty is one of the best warranties of any popular brand.
  • Extended Free Trial Period — Drömma’s Risk-Free 200-Day Trial Period is typically at least 100 days longer than other popular mattress makers offer.

Contributing to Our Local Economy

We wanted to source all materials and manufacture every component of the Drömma Bed in the US. This allows us to maintain the highest possible standards of safety and quality. And, it serves our commitment to supporting local industries, to help offset the great amount of out-sourcing that characterizes many of today’s mattress manufacturing operations. Each Drömma mattress is manufactured 80% in North Carolina and the other 20% in South Carolina.

Side by Side Comparison of Drömma Bed and Amerisleep

The Drömma Bed
12″ Mattress Thickness 12″ Mattress Thickness (3″ memory foam, 2″ poly foam, 7″ poly foundational support foam)
Adaptive Foam Top Layer for Buoyancy Guaranteed No Extreme Sinking
Cooling Gel Layer Cooling Top Layer Feature
Two Choices of Mattress Firmness One Choice of Mattress Firmness (The company recommends its mattress for soft mattress users)
Washable Mattress Cover with Zipper Mattress Cover with Unique Functions
Limited Off-Gassing
Pressure Relief Features Pressure Relief Features
Doesn’t Disturb Partner Doesn’t Disturb Partner
12-Year Warranty 20-Year Warranty
Risk-Free 200-Night Trial 100-Night Trial Period
Free Shipping Free Shipping
100% Environmentally-Friendly Materials Environmentally-Friendly Materials
100% American-Made Made in the USA (unclear if 100% US made)
Queen from $999, King from $1,099 Queen from $1,299, King from $1,499
Discount Coupons Available Online Discount Coupons Available Online

NOTE: Empty blanks in the table above indicate either that the feature is not available in the Amerisleep product, or in the indicated related services, or that the inclusion of the indicated feature or service in the Amerisleep product is too unclear, because the information is not offered on the Bed In A Box website.

Amerisleep Mattress

In addition to standard claims of quality and functionality offered by Amerisleep, below are notable mattress features advertised by the Amerisleep company.

  • Average Firmness The Amerisleep is designed to be of average firmness, to accommodate the broadest range of users possible with a single firmness level.
  • Top-Layer Cooling and comfort feature is 3″ of memory foam.
  • Bio-Pur™ Amerisleep uses its Bio-Pur™ technology to produce an “extreme open cell structure” to allow air movement, for cooler sleep.
  • Unique Mattress Cover The Liberty mattress cover is a blend of Celliant (21%), spandex (2%), and polyester (77%). Yarn is used, which is made from 13 thermoreactive minerals, which the company states is used to transform body heat into infrared light and thereby increase your blood flow.
  • Plant-Based Materials The mattress is made from plant-based materials, which are eco-friendly, using reduced amounts of petroleum in the product.
  • No SinkingThe bed design is guaranteed not to allow the sleeper to sink and feel trapped”.
  • Chemical FilteringBeds are manufactured using Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF). This causes the air that leaves the VPF chamber used in their manufacturing process to be carbon-filtered, to prevent harmful chemicals from escaping the chamber in which the mattress is being produced.
  • Recycled Mattress Waste Foam cores are made using “incredibly” low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Waste from their process is 100% recycled internally by the company (It is unclear whether or not this means it is used in manufacturing other mattresses).
  • Responsiveness TechnologyAmerisleep uses its Active Flex technology to provide a bit of “extra bounce” in the bed, “If you don’t like it, you get your money back.”
  • For Soft Mattress Users A bed suitable “for anyone that loves a softer feel.”


Our research has shown that while most Amerisleep does have strong qualities, it does not combine all of the features and benefits mattress shoppers have indicated they need and want all in its mattress. It does not offer choices of firmness, and its price point seems out of the most appropriate range for a mattress of its comparable structural quality, comfort features, and materials.

Drömma, by contrast, has carefully integrated all important attributes customers have made clear that they seek in the ideal memory foam mattress. The outcome is Drömma bed sleep system—today’s most technologically advanced sleep system.

For More Information

For more information about Drömma Bed’s construction specifications, competitive analyses, placing an order, the status of your existing order, or anything Drömma Bed, contact Drömma to speak to one of our friendly, helpful team members.