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Dromma vs. Saatva

As part of your mattress search, you should consider several features. Both the Dromma Bed and Saatva mattresses have fantastic memory foam designs, and several factory-direct models have imitated such designs to provide years of comfort for homeowners. While Dromma and Saatva mattresses both have positive qualities, however, both are rather different. Before deciding on which to purchase, you should consider the benefits of both in comparison.

The Dromma Bed

Dromma Bed is one of the newer companies to provide in-depth options for consumers, featuring mattresses containing a blend of polyurethane, latex and bio-foams. These materials are all CertiPUR-US certified, and none of them give off harmful chemical gasses.

Structurally, the Dromma Bed contains about 1.5 inches of all-natural latex, 2.5 inches of cooling gel memory foam and approximately eight inches of Poly Memory foam. Available in both soft and medium-stiffness versions, the Dromma Bed contains the flexibility and reliability homeowners need. It’s a top-rated mattress option, made in America, which features a bio-foam combination which eliminates the need for regular petro-chemicals.

If you choose the Dromma Bed, you’ll be given a free, 200-night trial. Plus, you’ll receive one of the industry’s best warranty limits of 12 years. Dromma Bed users can expect a comprehensive trial period before the bed is even purchased, giving them control over their investment from the ground up.

The Saatva Bed

Saatva is a unique brand, combining both memory foam and coil technology to offer a hybrid experience. Saatva does assure a high comfort element with such a design, promoting one of the industry’s more unique options for long-term use. Saatva mattress coils are encased in custom-picked foam designs, so customers have control over their comfort style. Featuring iron-clad strong handles, Saatva mattresses are elegant while remaining comfortable.

Saatva mattresses feature 100-percent natural cotton designs, and its lumbar-zone technology serves to keep users comfortable and healthy throughout many years of use. The bed’s euro-pillow top-wrapped base features organic cotton, too, which is handcrafted to eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals. Many Saatva beds feature a five-pound ultra-premium memory foam layer, too, which is one of the better bed options in the industry.

Dromma Vs. Saatva: Which is Better?

Both Dromma and Saatva are great mattress choices. That said, we feel Dromma surpasses the Saatva in terms of memory foam effectiveness and long-term comfort. While the Saatva mattress has a hybrid design, some may find its spring-style construction to be a little stiff. It’s comparable to luxury memory foam mattresses, but its price may not be economically feasible for buyers in terms of a year-to-year return on investment.

Dromma Bed users, meanwhile, can experience superior comfort while benefiting from the same, eco-friendly materials. The Dromma Bed’s triple-layer design has a superior construction, too, as it’s been strategically implemented to reduce temperature and provide flexibility. Saatva mattresses do contain progressive comfort layers, but they’re impacted by the overall hybrid design. So, at the end of the day, customers can expect to benefit from both mattresses—though Dromma surpasses Saatva both economically and comfort-wise.