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Dromma vs. Lull

The Dromma Bed is one of today’s most advanced memory foam beds, designed for universal comfort while supplying three ultra-premium American-made foams to assure maximum cooling, comfort and back support. Also on the market is the Lull mattress—which has been provided by a newer mattress space player. The Lull mattress offers 10 inches of comfort, and some customers may have difficulty choosing between Dromma and Lull mattresses for long-term comfort. Below, we’re covering an in-depth comparison of the two—all for your comfort.

The Dromma Bed

The Dromma Bed offers a single-design mattress which blends a variety of memory foams to provide comfort. Its blend of polyurethane, bio-foams and latex assures ongoing comfort. Each bio-foam is CertiPUR-US certified, so no harmful chemicals are emitted from the material.

The Dromma Bed’s topmost layer is comprised of latex, keeping unwanted pests away while assuring durability and long-lasting comfort. Meanwhile, its middle layer packs the industry’s finest cooling gel memory foam. The mattress’s base layer is a bio-foam and polyurethane combination which lowers the product’s overall amount of petro-chemicals.

The Dromma Bed can be acquired with a 200-night free trial, so homeowners can test out its comfort before making a final decision. Sold with a 10-year warranty, all Dromma mattresses put the customer’s wellbeing first. The Dromma Bed’s 12-inch construction, meanwhile, is both economical and conducive to contemporary bedroom looks. The top-rated mattress has been a customer-favorite for years, and it’s only increasing in popularity.

The Lull Mattress

Lull, itself, is a relatively young industry entrant. That said, Lull mattresses do have several comfortable amenities. Like the Dromma Bed, the Lull mattress offers three layers of foam—consisting of 10 inches of material. Also made in the USA, Lull mattresses feature the industry-standard top gel memory foam layer to assist the bed’s “body molding” features. The Lull mattress is a solid purchase, and it’s a good contender against most of today’s mattresses.

The first Lull mattress layer consists of moisture-wicking, soft polyester and rayon materials. Meanwhile, its second layer is gell-infused memory foam which relieves pressure points while assisting temperature regulation. Its final layer is comprised of a full-blend foam material which supports the bed’s overall shape.

Dromma Vs. Lull: Which is Better?

Overall, the Dromma Bed’s bio-foam reduces heat a little better than the Lull mattress’s temperature regulation foam. Because the Dromma Bed’s topmost layer is primarily latex, homeowners may find it to be a more effective long-term product than the Lull mattress.

The Lull mattress does have a little more support, but it’s similarly stiffer where body-morphing features are considered. Because of its design, it may lose its resilience over time—being unable to provide spine alignment and weight responsiveness over several years. We highly suggest trying out a Dromma Bed for starters, as its free trial can give you a feel for the mattress’s overall comfort and long-term reliability. While both mattresses are excellent options, Dromma is simply more economical, more flexible and has slightly better temperature regulation due to its biological compounds.