Dromma Bed vs Casper Mattress – How We Compare

Casper Queen Size Bed

Queen Sized Casper Mattress

If you’ve landed on this page, you were probably looking for information or reviews about a Casper Mattress. We don’t blame you – their advertising seems to be everywhere these days.   And even as a competitor we’ll be honest enough to admit they make a decent bed. You could spend your  money on a Casper and you might be perfectly happy with your purchase.

On the other hand,  you could spend it on a newer, more advanced, & much more comfortable bed, for nearly the same price.

The Biggest Brand Name Does Not Equal The Best Bed!

Buying a new bed is a big decision, and with so many options out there you’re probably worried about making the wrong choice.  You may be inclined to go with the hype, and buy the biggest brand name you can find.  But the biggest brand name doesn’t always equal the best (does McDonald’s make the best hamburgers?)

Its true, Casper was one of the first companies to sell “one bed fits all”, roll-packed memory foam beds exclusively online. With that title carries a lot of name recognition. So as a recently launched company, we had a lot to go up against. Some people have asked us how the Dromma compares to the first mover in the industry. Are we just a knock-off?

To that question, we could answer with this one, Would you call a new BMW a knockoff of the Model-T?  While we commend Casper on paving the way for the rest of the Bed-in-a-Box mattress industry, frankly, its yesterday’s technology. Our founders started this company after seeing many of the mistakes being made by existing manufacturers (Casper included), and wanting to create something innovative – something better – which is exactly what we did.

The Future of Dreaming

Our team has created the bed of tomorrow, using the most modern innovations in material technology & ergonomic design. We analyzed the best features from many of the existing beds on the market – then, along with a team of industry experts, and after months of painstaking research, design, & testing  – we managed to combine them all into one, truly perfect bed.  Although similar in price – The Dromma Bed beats out Casper in nearly every critical review category.

  • 12″ Mattress Height – Dromma has raised the bar of quality within the online mattress industry as one of the first to offer a 12″ mattress height – 2 inches more than the 10″ industry standard offered with a Casper.  You might ask, Does 2 inches really make a difference? Based on rigorous testing, we strongly believe that no less than 12″ can be considered a true luxury bed.  While 2″ in height may not sound like a lot – on an 80″ x 60″ queen-sized bed,  that equates to 9600 cubic inches of extra padding & support!  All you have to do is lay on one to feel the difference in comfort.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials – Many memory foam beds such as the Casper are made entirely from petroleum-based polyurethane foam cores. Dromma’s 2 foam layers – the 2.5″ Cooling Gel Layer & the 8″ Visco Memory Foam Core – are both made from an innovative Eco-Friendly foam polymer. This foam replaces a portion of the traditional petroleum-based polymer with a natural, Soy-based polymer. As a result, the foam is sustainable, uses less toxic chemicals, & is far better for the environment.
  • Off-Gassing – There’s nothing worse than opening your memory foam bed & being kicked in the face with a strong chemical smell that can last for days. We call that smell “Off-Gassing”. Some compare this smell to a freshly painted room or to a new car. While off-gassing is temporary & usually harmless, the odor can be annoying to some, and can cause minor physical irritations for others. Apart from being better for the environment, one of the other benefits of Dromma’s soy-based foams is that they produce almost 0 noticeable off gassing, which allows you to enjoy your new bed from from day one without having to inhale any pungent fumes.
  • Comfort : Two Levels of Firmness – One of the common complaints we saw from many Casper customers, was that the bed was too firm. While “too firm” may be mostly subjective based on user preferences, the firmness of a mattress is determined largely by the density of the foam core – the denser the foam, the firmer the mattress feels. While Casper prides itself on offering just one firmness level for all sleepers –  we recognized that not everybody has the same preferences in what they consider comfortable. That is why we offer customers two different firmless levels to choose from. Both beds offer the same level of support, comfort & protection from motion transfer, but different density foams allow for maximum sleep quality regardless of the sleeper’s firmness preferences. That is one of many reasons why many users rated Dromma much higher than Casper in comfort levels in blind consumer tests.
  • Breathable Latex Top Layer –  Both Dromma & Casper offer a top 1.5 inch layer of latex for bounce and fast recovery. However; the Dromma latex layer was engineered with breathing holes to promote increased circulation throughout the bed. This helps prevent you from overheating during the night, while still providing maximum bounce, support, & structural recovery.
  • Cooling Gel Layer – A common complaint of many lower quality foam beds is that they sleep “hot”. Lower quality foams offer less air circulation throughout the bed, which means they can retain a lot of body heat. The Dromma Bed incorporates a  2.5 inch layer of Eco-friendly memory foam gel, which helps offset this issue, allowing you to stay comfortable throughout the night. You won’t find that feature on a Casper.
  • Hand Sewn Cover –  The Dromma cover is hand sewn in the USA, sourced 100% from the highest quality U.S. made materials. This ensures our covers are both incredibly soft & incredibly durable. The Dromma cover is completely removable & 100% machine washable.
  • Extended Trial Period & Warranty –  Dromma’s 200 Day Risk-Free Trial Period is 100 days longer than Casper’s. Additionally, our 12 Year Product Warranty is one of the longest of any brand in the entire sector. This means you can purchase your bed with a greater peace of mind, and guaranteed satisfaction for years to come.
Casper Bed vs Dromma

Casper Bed vs Dromma