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Drömma may not be the first memory foam bed ever to be sold online, but we made sure it is the best. 
Drömma beats out its competition in nearly every category across the board!

There are a lot of choices out there when buying a Memory Foam mattress online, and Dromma is one of the newest players to the game. Our founders decided to create The Dromma Bed after seeing the shortfalls of many of the other mattress brands surging onto the market. We knew we could make something better.

So we spent months analyzing every intricate detail of design & construction in those other beds –  we also listened to what actual customers had to say about them – and then we figured out how to make them better. Using innovative material technologies, and state-of-the-art ergonomic design techniques, we took the best features from those existing beds, added some unique elements of our own, and blended them together into a single, truly perfect mattress.

But we didn’t want to just design a better mattress – we wanted to redefine the way mattresses are made. So we worked with a team of industry experts to figure out how to substitute sustainable, Eco-friendly materials in place of the environmentally wasteful, & potentially toxic materials found in traditional foam beds. We also made sure that every piece of The Dromma Bed was sourced close to home, here in the U.S., so we could ensure the highest standards of quality & safety were maintained.

At first glance The Dromma Bed may seem similar to some other beds out there, but it is worlds apart in quality, comfort, & durability. We are confident that The Dromma Bed is the most advanced, and the most comfortable,  Memory Foam bed on the market today.

Here are just some of the ways we measure up to some of our competitors:

Why Settle for a 10 Inch Mattress?

Get the a Luxury 12 Inch Mattress at a Better Price with Dromma!

One key feature that sets The Dromma Bed apart from other Bed-In-A-Box mattresses is our 12 inch construction – 2 inches more than the 10″ industry standard.   You might ask, Does 2 inches really make a difference? Based on rigorous testing, we strongly believe that no less than 12 inches is adequate for maximum comfort and support. While a mere 2 inches in height may not sound like much – on an 80″ x 60″ x 12″ queen-sized bed,  it equates to 9600 cubic inches of extra padding & structural support!  When you lie on it, you can really feel that difference.


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Drömma is hand crafted and made of the finest US materials. The quality you receive in your Drömma Mattress is second to none!

Supporting Local

Drömma is dedicated to supporting local industries. In a day and age where companies consistently outsource their products, you can rest assured with Drömma your mattress is made entirely in the USA.  Eighty percent of your mattress is manufactured in North Carolina. The remaining twenty percent is made in South Carolina. Drömma is an American born company with strong roots in the Carolinas!

Giving Back

It is our mission to donate beds to kids who are in need. There are approximately 1.8 million children in the US that do not have a comfortable bed to lay their heads on at night. Drömma is dedicated to donating mattresses as well as any returned mattresses to local charities around the United States specifically designed to help kids in need.