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Back in the Fall of 2017, Dromma moved to offering 1 mattress firmness designed for universal comfort instead of 2. Since we’ve made that decision, we’ve received many questions have asked how the new mattress firmness and feel differs from the previous two model options. I’ll attempt to answer those questions and discuss a little bit of the history behind the decision to move to one model.

Move from 2 to 1: A Business Decision

Back in 2015, we began selling the Dromma Bed with two firmness options – medium firm and medium soft and an industry leading 200-night risk-free return policy.  The mission we set out with was to offer a ridiculously comfortable bed to meet everyone’s comfort preference.

After letting the program run for a couple of years, we observed the aggregate trends that 1) most customers purchased the medium firm option to start with and 2) that most returns came from the medium soft model with folks wanting to move to the firmer option.  Our findings were supported by industry research by Sleepopolis citing that the vast majority of people prefer a mattress in the “universal comfort zone” which falls in a medium firm range between a 5-7/10.

With this data in hand, our team made the decision to move forward offering our original medium-firm mattress, but with some major enhancements.

The New Dromma Bed – Next Generation Medium Firm

The new Dromma Bed is extremely similar to the original medium firm – it’s still a 12″, triple layer construction with an 8-inch supportive core, 2.5″ of cooling gel memory foam, but now features a 1.5″ top layer of Dromma’s proprietary Adapt Foam instead of the latex memory foam that we had previously.  While latex provides excellent support and the formulation used in mattresses is inert and completely hypoallergenic, it became clear that customers were not comfortable with any latex, so we transitioned the top layer to a layer of Adapt Foam which is superior to latex in that it is:

  • Inherently more breathable than latex memory foam
  • Antimicrobial, providing a cleaner sleep experience


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